Wainwright’s philosophy in managing client capital is based upon a belief in the following fundamental principles:

Strategic Asset Allocation Is Critical in Investment Planning

Tactical Asset Allocation, otherwise known as market-timing, while enticing, is difficult at best and oftentimes leads to unsatisfactory investment results. Instead, a long-term, strategic plan, based upon the client’s investment policy inputs, is the basis in which investment decisions should be made and successful portfolios built.

Markets Trend Toward Efficiency, but Inefficiencies Exist

Wainwright-advised portfolios are generally broadly diversified by asset class, market capitalization, geography and style.  However, they often exhibit tilts, or relative overweight positions, toward securities and asset classes which have historically, and for well-documented reasons, generated excess returns over the broader market.

Client Interests Come First…

We take great care in working with our clients to build appropriate portfolios consistent with their goals, objectives and constraints, and doing so in an objective, well-communicated manner, avoiding many of the conflicts and profit-maximizing objectives which exist within larger firms and banking institutions.