Philosophy & Services


Wainwright’s philosophy in managing client capital is based upon a belief in the following fundamental principles:

Strategic Asset Allocation Is Critical in Investment Planning

Tactical Asset Allocation, otherwise known as market-timing, while enticing, is difficult at best and oftentimes leads to unsatisfactory investment results. Instead, a long-term, strategic plan, based upon the client’s investment policy inputs, is the basis in which investment decisions should be made and successful portfolios built.

Markets Trend Toward Efficiency, but Inefficiencies Exist

Wainwright-advised portfolios are generally broadly diversified by asset class, market capitalization, geography and style.  However, they often exhibit tilts, or relative overweight positions, toward securities and asset classes which have historically, and for well-documented reasons, generated excess returns over the broader market.

Client Interests Come First…

We take great care in working with our clients to build appropriate portfolios consistent with their goals, objectives and constraints, and doing so in an objective, well-communicated manner, avoiding many of the conflicts and profit-maximizing objectives which exist within larger firms and banking institutions.


In order to make appropriate decisions for your personalized situation we must first learn about you, your family, your organization and what you care about most. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, we think of what we do as detective work: uncovering the most important aspects of your decision-making process, learning what you have today and what you hope for tomorrow, and the course of action to help you achieve your objectives.

Once we understand what matters most, we then look at your portfolio and create a plan to migrate to the portfolio that is most suitable. If we know, and agree upon, where you are headed, we can put our investment philosophy to work.

Our belief is that a long-term strategic plan is the basis on which sound investment decisions should be made and successful portfolios built.

Specific Services

Investment Advisory Services

We provide independent, objective investment advice focused on asset allocation and portfolio construction, tailored to our clients’ objectives, risk tolerance and constraints. To achieve this, client portfolios often integrate traditional (equities, fixed income, preferred stock, exchange traded funds, REITs, etc.) and alternative asset classes (private equity, real estate, hedge funds, etc.).

Discretionary Investment Management Services

We develop customized and diversified portfolios which may hold equities, fixed income, mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds and options. These portfolios are managed dynamically in accordance with clients’ objectives, risk tolerance and constraints.

Bespoke Solutions

We create highly customized solutions to address specific client requests.  This may include personalized portfolios that are managed on an advisory (non-discretionary) and/or discretionary basis, a bespoke engagement for institutional quality education or general asset allocation advice.  Because these engagements are highly customized, we ask that you contact us for examples or more information.

Lending Services (available through our strategic partner firms)

We offer clients the flexibility to custody their assets with a variety of premier custodial banks and brokerage firms. When clients maintain a relationship at one of our custodial partners, depending on the level of the relationship, additional services such as investment credit lines, mortgage financing and commercial real estate financing may be available.

Client Service Process

One of the unique aspects of our client-first philosophy is the attention we offer to each and every relationship.

Our clients benefit from an exceptional level of attentiveness and responsiveness across the organization, which we believe is unsurpassed by larger institutions.

Each of Wainwright’s clients is generally assigned a team consisting of a lead advisor, a research analyst, and an operations professional, and clients are welcome to interact with any Wainwright team member at any time.

  • Evaluate Your Current Investment Exposure
  • Develop Investment Policy Inputs
  • Perform Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Construct Your Portfolio
  • Monitor, Educate and Communicate